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Safety & Regulatory Information

Remote Water Solutions LP

  • Remote best in-class chlorine dioxide generators optimized for frac-on-the-fly
  • No additional hoses or cumbersome delivery of concentrated ClO2; all ClO2 generated applied directly to header via slip stream
  • Simplifies hookups and avoids hazards
  • All ClO2 produced is immediately diluted in motive flow
  • Vacuum based precursor delivery for maximum safety – precursor chemicals are never pumped under pressure
    • Eductor based valve design ensures no chemical pumps are required
    • Increased safety due to 100% of the chemical reaction occurring in water
  • Certified UL508A
  • Simple HMI touch-screen operation with event logging that allows users full control of delivery so that all operations are effective and safe
  • Chemical lines, water flows and downstream residuals are continuously monitored to ensure effective delivery and safe operation
  • Units engineered with industry leading safety features

Remote Waste


Remote Waste has all required workplace safety certifications and its staff are routinely trained and updated on all safety matters and requirements. Remote Waste maintains a high Safety & Regulatory compliance rating and is registered with ISN and Complyworks.

The safety of our employees is top priority and we are committed to the highest industry safety standards. Through competency training and by creating a culture of safety, working conditions are the best possible for our employees.


Remote’s wastewater treatment system performance is checked routinely using independent testing laboratories.