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Remote Water Solutions LP

Remote provides best in-class chlorine dioxide generators. Our inline generators are optimized for “frac-on-the-fly”

  • All frac water passes directly through the header on the ClO2 generator, where ClO2 is generated and applied.This eliminates hoses carrying concentrated ClO2 and simplifies hookups
  • Small overall footprint eliminates the need for a second header trailer
  • Highly efficient reaction
  • Simple installation and setup. Connect your water transfer line(s) to the flanges, insert the chemical wands in the totes, and you are ready to go
  • Mag meter on the headers for high accuracy measurement of the water to be treated
  • Vacuum-based design; chemical feeds are never pumped
  • Multiple access levels in the software limit access to the features needed
  • Wide production range — 40:1 turndown ratio


  • Proven reaction chemistry (Acid / Bleach / Chlorite)
  • 2NaClO2 + NaOCl + 2HCl — 2ClO2 + H2O + 3NaCl
  • Highest efficiency – 95% efficient
  • Check valves on all chemicals to avoid backflow
  • ClO2 produced is immediately diluted

Electrical / Controls

  • Certified UL508A
  • Powered by single phase 220 VAC 30 Amp service
  • Use of low voltage (24 Volt DC) control instrumentation for safety
  • Simple HMI touch-screen operation with event logging and ethernet connectivity
  • Monitoring of all chemical lines and water flows to ensure proper and safe operation

Features And Benefits

  • Multiple operating modes for greater operational flexibility
  • Fully automated operation ensures accurate dosing and residual control
  • Redundant motive water pumps
  • Water and chemical flow monitoring with mag flow meters — 0.2% accuracy
  • Remote monitoring capability
  • No “pre-reaction” chamber required
    • Safe concentration levels
    • No deposits to clean
  • No salt scaling in eductor
  • Eductor-based design for increased safety (elimination of all chemical pumps)
  • Increased chemical reaction safety due to 100% of the chemical reaction occurring in water
  • Water leaves generator at treatment dose levels
  • ClO2 generation rates of 100 ppd to 10,000 ppd
  • Wide production range (100 ppd to 4000 ppd) with basic configuration
  • Small foot print ~85” x L, 47” x W, 72” x H
  • Optional online residual monitoring
  • Engineered with industry leading safety features